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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Scarborough Athletic - Scarborough Sports Village

Scarborough Athletic FC
Scarborough Sports Village
5 Ashburn Road
North Yorkshire
YO11 2JW

Ground: 49
Date: 14th July 2018
Scarborough Athletic 2-2 Spennymoor Town
Pre-Season Friendly

Scarborough Athletic FC - History

Scarborough Athletic were founded in 2007 by The Seadog Trust (a supporters' club) after the original club Scarborough FC were wound up in the High Court due to high debts. The new club started in Division 1 of the Northern Counties East League, groundsharing with Bridlington Town due to there being no suitable ground in Scarborough. The first season in Division 1 saw the club finish 5th, but the following season saw them dominate the league and finish as champions, losing just 2 games throughout the entire campaign.

After this, the club spent four seasons in the Premier Division, finishing 5th, then 10th and then 3rd before winning the title in the 2012/13 season, losing just 3 games all season. This earned the club promotion to the Northern Premier League Division 1 South, where they remained for one season before being transferred into Division 1 North.

The club finished 6th in their first season in Division 1 North, but the 2015/16 season was a real struggle for the club, a 20th-place finish just enough to avoid relegation back into the NCEL. The following season saw a dramatic turnaround, the club finishing 3rd but falling short in the play-offs. 

In July 2017, the club was finally able to move back into the town with the opening of Scarborough Sports Village, and this was followed by a successful 2017/18 season, the club finishing 2nd in the league and doing enough to earn automatic promotion to the Northern Premier League Premier Division in the process.

In FA competitions, the club's best FA Cup run came last season as they reached the 4th Qualifying Round, beating Marske United, Workington, Sunderland Ryhope Community Association and Stratford Town before losing to league rivals Hyde United. In the FA Trophy, the club's best run came in the 2013/14 season when they reached the 3rd Qualifying Round, beating Prescot Cables, Stocksbridge Park Steels and Cambridge City before losing to AFC Telford United. As for the FA Vase, the club's best run saw them reach the 4th Round in the 2008/09 season, beating Birtley Town, Esh Winning, Sunderland Nissan and Blackstones before losing to Bideford.

My Visit

With the World Cup coming to an end and the 2018/19 season beginning to get underway, I was looking to start groundhopping again as soon as possible. Initially, I was hoping to visit FC Parson Drove on Monday last week for the beginning of Yaxley's pre-season, but that ultimately wasn't to be. As such, it became clear that my first groundhop of the season would have to occur while on holiday in Whitby for the long weekend (from last Friday to Monday).

I started looking at options for this around a month ago, with it quickly becoming clear that my options would be rather limited, with Whitby Town away from home on the Saturday (just my luck, really), along with other localish clubs such as Guisborough Town. As such, it became apparent that Scarborough was the only truly feasible option, but it took a while to convince my family to allow it. In fact, such was how long it took that I even started to look below Step 7 last week, at Whitby-based Fishburn Park to see if they would be at home on the Saturday (which, of course, they weren't).

Eventually, on the day before the game, I was able to get the go ahead for the game, so after some shopping in Whitby on Saturday morning, I was driven and dropped off at the football ground while everyone else in the family went off shopping in Scarborough itself.

I paid £10 for admission (surprisingly steep for a non-league pre-season friendly, if you ask me) and started to quickly do my circuit of photos with kick-off rapidly approaching (I arrived at around 1:45pm, just 15 minutes before kick-off), only to notice as I went that, to my surprise, a programme was on sale for £2, along with teamsheets for 20p. Having not anticipated this, I had only taken out enough money to cover admission, so this was a little frustrating for me, to say the least: hopefully I'll be able to acquire one off of eBay at some point soon.

In any event, I finished my circuit of photos shortly after kick-off and, with it being oppressively hot and sunny, I took shelter in the covered standing terrace behind the near goal to watch the game unfold.

As everyone knows, results in pre-season don't matter much (if at all), so I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the match, other than knowing that Scarborough play at Step 3 while Spennymoor play at Step 2, something that I assumed would have an impact on proceedings.

Here's my, admittedly brief, report on what was a surprisingly entertaining and competitive pre-season friendly, much better than what I've come to expect such matches to be:

In the first half, Spennymoor dominated and made the difference in level show; they were much faster on and off the ball, much more organised and creating many more chances. As such, it was unsurprising when they took the lead on 20 minutes, Rob Ramshaw lobbing the ball over Scarborough keeper Tommy Taylor from the edge of the box. This was followed by a second goal eight minutes later from Glen Taylor, a defensive mistake allowing Spennymoor to get a cross into the box, with Taylor then striking a powerful volley from the centre of the box. The half continued with Spennymoor in almost complete control, though Scarborough created a couple of chances of their own, as speculative as they were.

The second half saw the tables turn entirely, with Scarborough being in complete control and pulling a goal back almost straight from the kick off, the ball being played across the box and Will Annan getting the tap in at the near post. Scarborough then equalised thirteen minutes later with an absolutely brilliant curved free kick from around 25 yards out; it's only my first game of the season, and that could well be a goal of the season contender already. The rest of the game saw both sides create chances here and there, although the game did begin to die down at this point, which in the heat was no surprise at all.


As far as starting the season is concerned, this was a fine way to go about it: a surprisingly entertaining match, a good ground and one that I would not normally have any real chance of getting to. It would have perhaps been nice to have been able to save this for my 50th groundhop, but there's not really much I can do about it turning out as it has, and I certainly won't be complaining.

As for what my plan for that landmark is, it's looking likely that it'll be Wellingborough Town for the first part of the UCL Groundhop's Wellingborough double on the 29th of July. I had intended to avoid that as number 50 if possible, but it's looking likely that I'll have to settle for that, assuming of course I'm able to get to the Wellingborough double at all that is.

The Ground

By the standard of new builds, Scarborough Sports Village is a good ground, dominated by a tall 250-seater main stand on the near side. The only other area of cover at the ground is a large covered standing terrace behind the near goal, which can probably also hold around 250 people. 

The rest of the ground is open hard standing, with not much room to expand in the current ground boundaries. However, it looks as if there would be scope to expand the boundaries to allow for ground expansion, should it prove necessary. That aside, the ground is notable for having a 3G pitch and for incorporating a gate from the ground of the original club (the 3rd photo in the "Photos" section below).

The ground has an overall capacity of 2,070, with a record crowd of 2,022 for a league game against Ossett Albion on 28th April 2018. The first game at the ground was against a Sheffield United XI on 15th July 2017.


Thursday, 31 May 2018

Peckham Town - Menace Arena

Peckham Town FC
Menace Arena
37 Dulwich Common
SE21 7EU

Ground: 48
Date: 12th May 2018
Peckham Town 2-1 Borden Village
Kent County League Premier Division

Peckham Town FC - History

Peckham Town were founded in 1982 as Brimington Park. By the end of the year, with the Jamaican Embassy sponsoring the team and many of the players coming from the nearby Drovers Place housing estate, the club changed its name to Drovers Athletic. Twelve months later, the club changed name again, this time to the current name due to popular demand for the club to represent the Peckham community.

The club played in the Bromley & District League until the beginning of the 2012/13 season, moving into Division 2 West of the Kenty County League. Despite being deducted four points over the course of the season, the club finished as champions to earn promotion to Division 1 West. 

The club then spent three seasons in this league, finishing 2nd each time until being promoted to the Premier Division at the end of the 2015/16 season. In the club's two seasons in the Premier Division, they have finished 3rd and 4th respectively, with the current ambition being to secure promotion to Step 6 in the near future.

My Visit

Initially, I had planned to end my 2017/18 season with Yaxley's cup final on the Bank Holiday Monday, but after that game ended up being less than exciting (despite the title celebrations afterwards), I decided to look for something a little better to end the season on. However, as is often the case, by the middle of May there is very little football above Step 7 available, so if I was to go anywhere it would have to be at that level.

My plan had been to wait until Thursday to do some research on where I could go, but then fellow groundhopper Russell Cox (his blog here) posted a list of games he was looking at on Twitter, and among then were a couple of seemingly viable London options (this and Tudor Sports, which is where he ended up going). 

Having heard lots of good things about Peckham's ground, but very little about that of Tudor Sports, I almost immediately made my decision, not wanting to potentially end up at a ground without any football furniture (a concern which turns out to have been unfounded, so Tudor Sports will be on the radar next season).

The game had an unusual kick-off time of 2:45pm, but other than being a little awkward in terms of the return journey, this didn't cause any particular problems with getting the train. That being said, I did end up arriving more than half an hour before the stated kick-off time and, with it raining, I decided to get my circuit of photos done quickly before going into the clubhouse until kick-off.

What I did not anticipate was the fact that, for I believe the third time that season, kick-off would be delayed, as the away side had apparently been caught in traffic on the way into London from Sittingbourne. As such, kick-off was delayed by 20 minutes, which was problematic for the train after the game (more on that later).

 Peckham Town team sheet

With the preparation being less than ideal for Borden Village, I expected them to struggle against and lose to the home side and, while the latter prediction did come true, the game was much closer than I expected it to be, as I report below:

Initially, with Borden starting with 10 men for a couple of minutes before the 11th appeared, Peckham were creating the better chances, but on 33 minutes it was the away side who took the lead, a ball over the top and unfortunate mix-up between Peckham goalkeeper and defender allowing Borden's number 14 to get a shot away and score. However, this lead lasted just five minutes, Luka O'Neil receiving the ball in free space in the box and easily putting his shot past the keeper. The half continued to be end-to-end stuff after this, but with no more goals.

The second half started after just a 12 minute break, and things quickly unfolded in much the same fashion as the first, the game quickly becoming end-to-end but just missing good finishing to allow more goals. Like in the first half, Borden had the ball in the net first after a cross and header on 53 minutes, but the linesman rightly flagged for offside and it was disallowed.

Both teams then spent much of the rest of the half trying to break through and each came close on several occasions, but it took until the 85th minute for the third and final goal of the game to come: after some excellent build-up play around the box, a Peckham player got a goalbound shot off, only for Borden's number 12 to keep it out with his hand. Had he been the goalkeeper, that would have gone down as an excellent save, but he wasn't and the referee had no choice but to send him off and give the penalty, which was duly converted by Ali Amisu.

Overall, for an end-of-season contest that didn't really have anything riding on it, this was a reasonably entertaining game, with Peckham in particular playing some really nice stuff at times, even if it didn't always come off for them. Borden were a more, shall we say, conventional footballing side, but they still contributed to an entertaining contest even if they did ultimately end up losing.

Overall, despite the miserable weather, this was an entertaining groundhop and a fine way to end my 2017/18 season, with a decent game, very friendly club and good crowd to boot, including several groundhoppers and numerous fans of both Dulwich Hamlet and Tooting & Mitcham United, alongside the club's Menace Ultras.

Looking ahead to 2018/19, here is what I am hoping to accomplish in next season's groundhopping:
Visit at least 27 grounds, including something special for grounds 50 and 75
Do my first double, hopefully with the two Wellingboroughs on the UCL's groundhop day at the end of July
Visit as many new grounds that Yaxley visit as possible
Take advantage of long weekends in Whitby and Chester over the summer by visiting at least one new ground each time
Visit at least one Football League/Step 1/Step 2 in the early rounds of the FA Cup/FA Trophy/League Cup

Those will do as a starting point, but I could get much more specific with my aims if I wanted to (although it's not entirely easy to do so yet, with fixtures not having been released for many if any leagues yet). 

The Ground

Menace Arena is an excellent ground for Step 7, with some sort of cover on three sides of the ground. This includes a 100-seater main stand on the far side, an area of covered standing (with room for around 100 people) behind the near goal, a very small covered stand on the near side with 5 or 6 seats in it and an area of cover in front of the clubhouse. 

As for hard standing, this is only currently on the near side, mainly in the area in front of the clubhouse. The rest of the ground is grass standing, which on a rainy day such as when I visited is less than ideal.

While the ground is definitely impressive at Step 7 level, a decent amount of work is still necessary to make the ground acceptable for Step 6, which is where the club want to be in the near future. Most fundamental of these is floodlights, but a planning application is in place to get these, so that should soon be resolved if all goes well. That aside, there are no dugouts at the ground, nor is there a payhut or turnstile or anything of the sort with which to take admission. I also imagine more hard standing would be required, but I'm not sure how strict ground grading is with that.

However, with a few of those improvements, the ground will be an excellent addition to Step 6, and would probably be good enough for Step 5 as well at that stage, should the club continue to progress as they have done and as they evidently want to.